Features & Options

Compatible options include:

- Windows- Personal Access Doors- Verandahs- Sisalation
- Skylights- Roller Doors- Balconies- Insulation Blanket

- Steel Sliding Doors- Mezzanine Floors- Safety Mesh

- Glass Sliding Doors- Remote controls- Spinaways

- Stable Doors
- Internal Steel Walls

Colour Chart:


-All garages and sheds are made to order and are supplied in kit form.

-Eureka Garages and Sheds provides a Compliance Certificate, Engineering Drawings and Elevation Drawings required to assist with obtaining Council Permits.

-All buildings are Engineered to comply with Australian Standards and are manufactured from prime steel materials under strict building guidelines. Eureka Garages & Sheds manufacturing ability allows a high level of flexibility in design, options and sizes ranging from as little as 87 centimetres to in excess of 30 metres. 

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